2015台北文華東方酒店及香港文華東方酒店- Instagram Takeover @mo_hkg & @mo_tpe


早前 @chocolatemuimui Instagram接管 #muimuiTakeover @thewestinsingapore (2015新加坡 - Take Over Instagram @thewestinsingapore)及@lemeridienkl (2015再遊吉隆坡 - Take Over Instagram @lemeridienkl),於酒店官方Instagram上跟大家分享我在吉隆坡住宿、飲食及旅遊體驗。今次的Instagram接管,是一次與別不同的 #muimuiTakeover。作為文華東方的粉絲,早前來到台北入住六星級、奢華、優雅的台北文華東方酒店,Mandarin Oriental Taipei,回到香港時尚、華麗的香港文華東方酒店,Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong,體驗兩地設施及服務後,把這兩地結合現代豪華與充滿東方魅力的的難忘時刻及照片跟這次Instagram Takeover #muimuixMO 跟大家分享。

謝謝酒店送上扇子,「扇子」是文華東方酒店集團的標誌,象徵秉承東方傳統精髓,集豪華與優雅於一身。 每間酒店有自己專屬的扇子,各家會把當地特色融入其中,呈現這地的文化精髓。香港文華東方酒店的扇子圖案描繪著不同的社會生活,並以中國人喜愛的紅色為主色,象徵䌓榮財富。台北文華東方酒店的扇子是把歐洲古董扇,以藍色作底,扇面圖案是栩栩如生的蝴蝶,與蝴蝶王國的台灣呼應。 扇子外,香港文華東方酒店送來精緻的朱古力、台北文華東方酒店還為我準備了當季的迎賓水果,相當窩心!
Thank you for sharing with me your signature fans! “Fan” is the logo of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, and it symbolize traditional oriental culture, with both luxury and elegance. Every hotel has their own signature fan that always represents its own sense of place depending on where the hotel is located. @mo_hkg has a fan showing social lives, in the Chinese’ favourite red colour as the major tone, signifying prosperity. @mo_tpe’s fan is a European antique fan with blue undertones as base colour and the butterflies on the fan tells that you are in the “Butterfly Kingdom” - Taiwan. 

午餐都吃魚,在台北文華東方酒店,來到輕鬆的法式小酒館Cafe Un Deux Trois(詳細文章:台北:台北文華東方酒店Cafe Un Deux Trois - 法式小酒館),選了招牌菜烤鱈魚,魚肉極嫩滑,配搭新鮮蘆筍、西蘭花及青豆,口感更豐富,甜品是榛子朱古力梳乎厘,軟綿又香甜。在香港文華東方酒店,同樣在較休閒的餐廳Café Causette(詳細文章:香港:Café Causette - 休閒午餐)用餐,有愛吃的英式炸魚薯條配特濃朱古力蛋糕。
I visited Café Un Deux Trois at @mo_tpe, a relaxed French brasserie. I tasted their signature cod, which is tender. The fish was served with fresh asparagus, broccoli and green beans to add to the texture. The chocolate soufflé was both soft and sweet. I had also dined at @mo_hkg’s casual dining restaurant Café Causette and there I had my all time favourite dish – Fish and Chips and their amazing dense chocolate cake as dessert. Perfect!

無論在台北或是香港文華東方酒店,房間設計都一樣精緻細膩,雅緻的木製傢俱配合富格調的 燈光,一片柔和典雅的氛圍,反映文華東方的傳奇特色。還有舒適的特大雙人床,真令人睡得好,晚安!
Whether you are staying at @mo_tpe or #mo_hkg, you will see detailed designs in the guestrooms with elegant wooden furniture and great lighting. All these create a soft and grand ambience, where the cultures within Mandarin Oriental Hotels are fully reflected. The comfortable king bed in both hotels are certainly the best way to enjoy a good night sleep. Sweet dreams! 

It rained during the morning while I was in Taipei, but I was very lucky to see a rainbow which sat well above the atrium garden at @mo_tpe. I sat by my window in my hotel suite for quite some time to admire the beautiful scenery! When I returned back to Hong Kong, the weather was perfect. I can never be tired of the spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and the skyline of Hong Kong from @mo_hkg’s rooms!

台北午後又下起雨,留在酒店「青隅」享用經典英式下午茶,這裡有用台灣本地紅心芭樂做成的果醬配搭英式鬆餅,味道酸甜,跟香港文華東方酒店的招牌玫瑰花果醬一樣美味可口,各有風味。 回到香港,天氣變涼又乾燥,放下了吃下午茶的念頭,改到酒店位於24樓的文華髮廊,做一個季節性的手部護理療程,保濕及滋潤肌膚,再塗上紅色的指甲油迎接聖誕。在療理室內還可飽覽維多利亞港的景色,對著蔚藍色的天空,心情更為放鬆。
It rained in Taipei while I was there therefore I chose to warm myself up with their classic English Afternoon Tea at The Jade Lounge in @mo_tpe. Here, they offer you a special homemade jam with red guava to complement their scones. The jam tastes sour and sweet, and just as delicious as the renowned Rose Petal Jam at @mo_hkg. When I traveled back to Hong Kong, the weather has begun to get drier so I decided to try their new Winter Bling Manicure at The Mandarin Salon to help keep my skin moisturized. Up on 24th floor, I was able to enjoy their wonderful harbor views and skyline while my hands were being rehydrated. This was really relaxing and now my hands are looking lovely again for Christmas season ahead! 

我喜愛吃點心,這天來到台北文華東方酒店的高級粵菜餐廳「雅閣」(詳細文章:台北:台北文華東方酒店雅閣 - 高級粵菜餐廳)吃港式點心,特別喜歡雪口澳洲和牛包,還喝健康養生湯,相當滿足。回到香港文華東方酒店,選了很久沒有來的英倫酒吧千日里」(詳細文章:香港:The Chinnery - 重訪千日里)用餐,除了提供傳統的英式美食如炸魚薯條、羊肉批等外,這裡的印度咖喱也很好吃。原來不只是咖喱雞好吃,咖喱魚也同樣嫩滑美味。
I love dim sum, and so I visited Ya Ge, an elegant Cantonese restaurant at @mo_tpe to settle my cravengs for delicious dim sum. I particularly like their Australian Waygu beef sugar bun and wellness soup. In order to make it a contrast, I visited The Chinnery @mo_hkg for dinner. This is a club-like British restaurant serving a variety of comfort food. Apart from traditional British cuisine such as Fish and Chips and Shepherd’s Pie, they also serve amazing curries. And on this trip, I found that it is not only the chicken tikka which is yum, the fish curry is also tender and tasty. 


在台北文華東方酒店行政酒廊「東方匯」享用早餐,有豪華的鮑魚粥,真幸福!香港文華東方 酒店的「快船廊」又有我最愛的點心吃,蝦餃、燒賣、牛肉、素餃,每款都好好吃!
I feel very lucky to have tried the abalone congee at The Oriental Club at @mo_tpe! I was also very happy to have enjoyed all kinds of my favourite dim sum at Clipper Lounge during their breakfast buffet in @mo_hkg too. Here I tasted their delicious tiger prawn dumplings, siu mai, beef balls and veggie dumplings all in the morning! 

黃昏時分,於台北文華東方酒店M.O.Bar可享用調酒師精心調製的特色雞尾酒,在香港文華東 方酒店的M bar更可同時欣賞醉人的景致。
In the evening, enjoy specially crafted cocktails made by their wonderful mixologist at M.O. Bar in @mo_tpe; whereas in M bar at @mo_hkg, you can also toast to their breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. 

好開心可以跟大家分享兩地文華東方酒店的難忘體驗及時刻,期待日後更多 #muimuiTakeover 跟大家分享更多。

Mandarin Oriental Taipei 台北文華東方酒店
電話:+886 2 2715 6888

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong 香港文華東方酒店 
電話︰+852 25220111
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