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2016澳門文華東方酒店Mandarin Oriental Macau Instagram Takeover @mo_macau

作為文華東方的粉絲,上個月到西班牙就來到巴塞隆拿文華東方酒店,於Bistrea Ángel León享用了一頓美味的海鮮午餐,印象難忘。回到澳門文華東方酒店,感覺像回家一樣的温暖又舒適。自上次Instagram接管香港文華東方酒店及台北文華東方酒店(相關文章:2015台北文華東方酒店及香港文華東方酒店- Instagram Takeover @mo_hkg & @mo_tpe),今年4月6至8日我接管了澳門文華東方酒店Instagram,@mo_macau ,這次我第四次的Instagram接管 #muimuiTakeover  ,跟大家分享我在澳門的難忘時刻。

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Good morning! Start my day with a cup of hot Chinese tea, fresh fruits and my favourite chocolates. It’s just so sweet!

I missed dim sum and Chinese food so much! I visited Vida Rica and tasted New Chinese Business Lunch Menu, starting with Mandarin Oriental Dim Sum Platter, I was impressed by new beet root “har kau" prawn dumpling topped with caviar and liked the sweetened of the crab meat & broccoli soup with fresh scallops. I chose wok fried beef for main course, but steamed garoupa with egg, pumpkin and sea urchin was nice too.
每次旅遊回來總是很掛念中餐,來到Vida Rica吃新推出的中式行政午餐,(相關文章:澳門力報飲食專欄:周遊澳門 - Vida Rica 中式行政午餐)。五道菜的餐單先有文華東方點心拼盤,最喜歡其中的新款點心鱘魚籽紅菜蝦餃,餃皮加入新鮮紅菜頭汁而呈深紅色,加上鱘魚籽及金箔就更添貴氣。蟹肉西蘭花帶子羹很鮮甜,主菜有金瓜海膽蒸石斑片,我更喜歡吃牛,來一份嫩腍的牛柳粒最滿足。

I visited "Living Dinosaurs" Exhibition in Macao Science Center after lunch.  It exhibits showcasing 14 mechanical replica dinosaurs and small-scale dinosaur models. It gives public a glimpse on how dinosaurs appeared on Earth about 230 million years ago, we can also learn more about different species of dinosaur, their behaviour, habits and the reason for extinction of dinosaurs.

New Holiday with Dinosaurs Package @mo_macau , including accommodation and tickets to  "Living Dinosaurs" Exhibition in Macao Science Center, spend a special holiday with your family in Macau!

Good morning! I always enjoy dim sum & double boiled soup in breakfast buffet at Vida Rica Restaurant. Now book the New Holiday with Dinosaurs Package @mo_macau , you can enjoy wonderful breakfast time with your family too!

“Fan” is the logo of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, and it symbolize traditional oriental culture of luxury and elegance. Thank you for sharing with me your signature fan!  @mo_macau fan is painted with flowers and birds, reflecting the quiet and comfortable environment surroundings of the hotel.
收到另一把扇子,「扇子」是文華東方酒店集團的標誌,象徵秉承東方傳統精髓,集豪華與優雅於一身。 謝謝澳門文華東方酒店送上酒店自己專屬的扇子,澳門文華東方酒店印有花及鳥兒圖案,反映寧靜及舒雅的酒店環境。
I had afternoon tea in lobby lounge after shopping. There were so many choices of cake, I chose a new strawberry mousse cake, passionfruit hazelnut mousse cake and my favourite chocolate crunch cake finally. Enjoy the sweet moment! 

The presentation of this siuchuan green garoupa in spicy broth was really nice! Started with my favourite spicy dish for dinner at Vida Rica, we also had poached free range chicken with soy sauce, the chicken was really tender. Share your moments at Mandarin Oriental, Macau and tag @mo_macau for a chance to win a MOP 1,000 dining voucher. 
晚上在御苑餐廳用餐,有我最愛吃的辣菜,水煮青斑片不但夠辣香,賣相亦相當吸引。還有餐廳招牌菜之一,豉油皇浸龍崗雞,雞肉嫩而入味!4月10月或之前,分享您在澳門文華東方酒店的難忘時刻並tag @MO_MACAU,即有機會贏取價值澳門幣1,000元餐飲禮券,來餐廳享用各美味菜式。

Good morning! Wake up with beautiful view of Nam Van Lake!

My beef steak open sandwich with mushrooms, truffle & fries from new MO express lunch menu in lobby lounge🍴 It's just so tempting! 

Friday Sunset!

It's my last post of #muimuiTakeover #IGTakeover @mo_macau Macau just like my second home, I am so glad to share my MO moments here with you ❤️ Thank you!

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